Within the PlayChip Ecosystem there are two types of PlayChip tokens, Paid tokens (PLA) and Free tokens (PLAF).

Paid tokens refer to tokens that have been purchased, either via our token sale, bounty/airdrop or a partnered exchange.

Free tokens refer to tokens that have been earned or won in challenges on one of the PlayChip's operational partner platforms, such as PlayUp.

PLAF may be used on our operational partner platforms, such as PlayUp, at any time. We do not recommend converting them to paid tokens unless you are withdrawing outside of the PlayChip Ecosystem. Once changed to PLA, only certain jurisdictions will be able to use them on partner platform challenges.

PLA may be used on our operational partner platforms, such as PlayUp, for up to 45 days following account creation on the PlayXchange. After 45 days, you must have passed KYC and AML verification on the PlayXchange in order to use these tokens. 

This distinction is made to assist our operational partners in abiding local legislation of their users, where some jurisdictions may not yet allow the use of paid tokens for gaming purposes.

Both PLA and PLAF will be compatible with our gaming partners following integration of the token and the PlayChain into their platforms.

PLAF cannot be withdrawn outside of the PlayXchange or PlayUp. In order to withdraw the token outside of the PlayChip Ecosystem, you must convert these tokens to PLA via the "Convert Balances" button in the Dashboard section of the PlayXchange.

Please note that this conversion is one-way only. PLA cannot be converted to PLAF, nor will they ever need to be.

A daily claim bonus of 25 tokens is available to be used to enter paid challenges on PlayUp. This is limited to one claim per user per day.