The PlayWallet is the economic hub of the PlayChip Ecosystem. 

The PlayWallet is where you go to:

- View your PlayChip balance

- View your transaction history

- Edit your personal information

- Verify your identity

- Withdraw PlayChips outside of the PlayChip Ecosystem

- Top up your PlayChip balance (coming soon)

- Trade your PlayChips (coming soon)

As the centre of the PlayChip Ecosystem, all users of platforms with PlayChip integration are required to have verified PlayWallet accounts in order to engage in wagering with the PlayChip token.

If you have an existing account with a PlayChip partner platform, you are still required to create an account and get your identity verified on the PlayWallet, regardless of your verification status with that partner platform. This is mandated by Australian law.

More can be learned about the PlayWallet and it's built in and coming functionality in the PlayWallet FAQs.