Usually emails are sent from once KYC verification has been complete. 

However with the current backlog of KYC requests we have been using a mass-update feature that has unfortunately resulted in some emails either not being delivered, or being sent to your spam/junk mail folder.

There are two ways to check your verification status:

1. Log into the PlayWallet. Hit the Settings tab and then the Verify Identity tab underneath. If you see the words "Your identity has already been verified" then your account has been verified.

2. Log into PlayWallet Support. Hit the "Tickets" tab, then filter it to "All Tickets". If your KYC ticket has the status of "Resolved", then you have been verified. Please note that if you have responded to your KYC ticket, this will have changed the status again to Open. We recommend step 1 as the most fool proof way to check your verification status.

If your account has not been verified yet, please remain patient and check via one of the above mentioned ways periodically. Creating new tickets or following up directly on the submission will only serve to cause further delays.

Due to the recent integration of the PlayChip into our partner platform PlayChip Fantasy, and the listing of the PlayChip on three major international exchanges, we are experiencing extremely high volumes of manual KYC submissions.

Please allow for 5-10 working days for your submission to be approved. We are working diligently to approve these submissions as quickly as is possible. Indeed, this is covered in the FAQs KYC Submission Guide and the What does my ticket status mean?