To withdraw your PlayChip tokens, hit the "Withdraw" button at the top and centre of the screen.



Once there you'll need to enter the PlayChip address you'd like to send your tokens to in the "Send To" field. 


You will need to enter the deposit address exactly as it appears on the exchange. A failure to get this address correct will result in your tokens getting lost.


Please note that your PlayChips will remain secure in your PlayWallet should you choose to leave them there.


PlayChips can only be withdrawn to PlayChip addresses on exchanges listing the PlayChip (currently Bittrex and HitBTC), or Ethereum wallets capable of storing custom ERC20 tokens. Do not send PlayChips to an Ethereum address on any exchange.



Once you have hit the "Withdraw" button, an email will be sent to you from asking you to confirm the transaction. You will need to log in to your email account and click the link sent to you in order to confirm or cancel the transaction. Please note that the link will expire after 30 minutes as the email link will expire for your protection. Once this has been done your PlayChips will be sent.

If you require assistance, lodge a ticket  via our discord server.