An Ethereum wallet address refers to a series of letters and numbers appearing in random order. This address refers to a specific wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.

There are many different cryptocurrencies that run on the Ethereum blockchain. These cryptocurrencies are commonly referred to as ERC20 tokens. PlayChip (PLA) is an ERC20 token.

As such, PlayChips can be sent to any Ethereum wallet that is capable of accepting custom ERC20 tokens. However, they cannot be sent to an Ethereum address hosted on an exchange. These wallets are for the Ethereum (ETH) currency only. If you are sending tokens to a cryptocurrency exchange, it must be to a dedicated PlayChip wallet - not an Ethereum wallet!

If you are looking to store your PlayChips for longer-term use and do not want to leave them in your PlayWallet, you may want to store them in an Ethereum wallet that accepts custom ERC20 tokens such as PlayChip. If you choose to do so, you will require the technical information in the below FAQ in order to view them in your token balance.